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Most browsers support jumping to specific links by typing keys defined on the website. By keying the Alt key plus one of the following numbers you can activate the Access Key and follow the link.

Users of Internet Explorer must also hit the 'enter' key.
Users of other browsers (Netscape 6+, Mozilla and others) need only use Alt plus the Access Key.
Mac users should use the Control key.
With Opera, access keys can be activated thus:
Toggle access keys: Shift + Esc
Type access key

All pages on this site use the following access keys:

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Scalable Text

You can increase and decrease the size of the text on this site by using the controls built in to your browser.

Internet Explorer:
Select the Text Size option from the View menu.

Netscape Navigator:
Select the Text Zoom option from the View menu.

Select the Zoom option from the View menu.

Select the Increase Text Size or Decrease Text Size option from the View menu.

Select Make Text Bigger or Make Text Smaller from the View menu.

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