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Thursday, 15 June 2017

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PC’s Julian Peukert, Sam Davison & Euan Sinclair

Corstorphine and Murrayfield Community Officers

Corstorphine Police Station


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In the run up to the summer holidays, we are wanting to get home security advice out to local residents regarding leaving their properties unoccupied whilst on holiday. The following advice and attached documents is being circulated to you at Murrayfield Community Council for onward transmission before your next meetings. Could we ask that you forward this to members, friends and other local groups that you have access to, to ensure we capture as wide an audience as possible?

Key messages:


  • Go on holiday safe in the knowledge that you’ve taken some sensible steps to make sure your house doesn’t appear unattended while you’re away -
  • Get to know your neighbours - if you’re on good terms with neighbours you trust then they might keep an eye on your home, draw curtains and remove mail from behind the door.
  • Consider using Royal Mail’s ‘Keepsafe’ service - they will keep your mail for up to 66 days.
  • Make sure you cancel any regular deliveries such as milk or newspapers.
  • Use timers on lights and if you have an alarm then make sure it’s set.
  • Don’t broadcast on social networking that you’re going on holiday - criminals can search for this kind of information to identify empty houses.


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