Bin hub (Murrayfield Place/ Avenue)

Campaign to have the hub removed/moved - succeeds

4/19/20242 min read

Participants at a meeting at the site of a communal bin hub
Participants at a meeting at the site of a communal bin hub

Latest: The bins at the Murrayfield Avenue / Murrayfield Place have been removed, after a successful campaign by local residents. The issue of removing the remaining shelter has been passed to the City Centre West East Link team and Balfour Beattie.

Previously: A resident of Murrayfield Place has collected 300 signatures of residents of Murrayfield Avenue and Place requesting that the new bin hub at the junction of the two streets be removed because it is not necessary (and also ugly).

Andres Lices of the Council’s Communal Bin Review Project Team informed the CC by correspondence that the hub:

  • meets the city-wide standards approved by the Transport and Environment Committee (TEC) on 27 February 2020

  • is compatible with the City Centre West-East Link project's wider improvements to the Roseburn area

  • but can be reviewed within the Communal Bin Review Update report approved by TEC on 18 May 2023 (and any approved change will take place after Summer 2024)

The Chair replied to Andres Lices summarising the residents’ objections and requesting a meeting. The meeting took place on 15 Jan 2024 took place at the site of a new communal bin hub on the junction of Murrayfield Place and Murrayfield Avenue (pictured). In attendance were: interested residents, Community Council representatives, City Councillor Alan Beal who arranged the meeting, and members of the City Council Waste Team, including Senior Engineer Andres Lices.

According to Community Council minutes of 23 January 2024, three options were mooted around alternatives to the bin hub at the junction of Murrayfield Avenue and Murrayfield Place: (1) Remove the hub altogether if the review framework allows, (2) if the hub is required, move it outside 9 Coltbridge Avenue, (3) if less additional capacity is required, expand the current bin hub outside 12 Coltbridge Avenue.

At the Community Council meeting of 5 March 2024, and in correspondence, residents opposed the alternatives to removing the bin hub at the junction of Murrayfield Avenue/Murrayfield Place. It was thought that these had been mooted as options by the City of Edinburgh Council waste team at the on-site meeting simply to moot something. They are not supported by the Community Council or the original complainants. Testimony suggested that the hub was being used by people in and around Murrayfield/Succoth, who have kerbside collections, as well as by people from further afield arriving via the A8.

[Source: minutes of meetings of: 12-12-2023, 23-01-2024]

[Image credit: (c) J Yellowlees]