Dalry Town Centre and Roseburn

Will proposals increase traffic along Russell Road and through Roseburn?

5/10/20241 min read

Map of proposed traffic changes
Map of proposed traffic changes

A consultation on the Dalry Town Centre proposals is open until the 26 June 2024. The proposal page is here and the consultation is here. One aspect is "a proposed filter for cycles, buses and taxis just south of the Haymarket junction, operating between 7am and 7pm". Other traffic to and from the city would use alternative routes, including Wester Coates/Roseburn Terrace and Russell Road.

At the Murrayfield Community Council meeting of 16 April 2024, concerns were raised from the floor that this amounted to a diversion of traffic through Roseburn.

[Sources: links in text & minutes of meeting 26 April 2024]

[Image credit: City of Edinburgh Council]