Quiet Route 9 Consultation Closing

Saughtonhall/Balgreen junction improvements consultation closes 27 March 2024

3/6/20241 min read

Improvements to junction layouts and traffic separation on Quiet Route 9, which links Roseburn with South Gyle, are out for consultation. You can have your say here up until 27 March 2024. The junctions involved are:

  • Balgreen Road / Balgreen Avenue / Saughton Crescent junction

  • Saughton Grove / Saughton Loan / Saughton Park junction

  • Saughton Crescent / Saughton Grove junction

  • Saughton Crescent / Saughton Gardens junction

  • Saughtonhall Drive / Saughton Crescent / Riversdale Road junction

[Image credits: (c) City of Edinburgh Council]